Peter Rance

Lighting Cameraman

07973 159880

Ex UK +44 7973 159880

I have worked abroad extensively. I am especially experienced in working in countries of the Developing World

Countries worked in:
China, India, Bangaldesh, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Finland, South Africa, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Burkino Faso, Uganda, Malaysia, Singapore, Guatemala, Israel, Eygpt, Lebanon, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine

Working in countries of the developing world brings extra problems and responsibilities. Travel logistics, social traditions, and environmental conditions all have to be factored into the shooting schedule and my experience of these will benefit your production.

I am especially skilled in creating an equipment package specifically suited for each assignment. Producers often need minimum equipment weight to protect their budgets, but also need enough kit to cover unexpected location situations. I can tailor a package to your exact needs, taking enough kit to produce exciting images under all lighting conditions, without breaking the excess baggage budget.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce I am able to arrange IATA carnets within 24 hours.