Peter Rance

Lighting Cameraman

07973 159880

Ex UK +44 7973 159880



I own all my own equipment and I believe that this provides producers with a very reliable and flexible package. All my lighting equipment and grip equipment is carried as standard which means that I can adequately handle most location situations, usually in circumstances where a recce was not possible.
A mix of tungsten and daylight lamps are supplied
All equipment is "always on board"


PMW 500 HD
Sony F5 or FS& available

Ikegami 9" HD Monitor
4" LCD monitors
BlackBox wireless video sender and receiver
Satchler tripods - tall, medium and hi-hat
Ronford 4 / Miller CF heavy duty legs
Vocas Matte Box
Extensive Camera filters - promists, corals, grads etc

Lighting Equipment
Cinepower 400w HMI
Kinoflow Diva
LED Panel
Arri 2k
Pulsars, Arri 650 and Arri 300
Chimera Soft light
stands, clamps, traceframes, reflectors, flags, gobos etc
Colorama backgrounds - black, white, cream, grey, chroma blue
Safety Equipment - safety chains, sandbags, all connections via 16amp
c-form with in-line RCDs

VW Caddy (5 seats) with Satellite Navigation