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Lighting Cameraman

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Channel 4

Director: Michael Clifford
Producers: Sunandan Walia & Yugesh Walia

“It makes me wonder how a supposed civilised nation could bomb innocent people. They weren’t at war, they just happened to be in the way”. John Devine

Ho Chi Minh trail, Laos 1998. The Cumbria based MAG (Mines Advisory Group) are helping to clear up one of the most bombed places on the planet, opening up a new project in one of the worst effected areas. During the period of the Vietnam war, neutral Laos became one of the most bombed places one earth through land fighting and a secret air war. The USA dropped an equivalent of a B52 plane load of bombs every 6 minutes for 9 years. A third of these failed to explode. Laos today is littered with all kinds of unexploded ordnance, or UXO’s from grenades to 3000 pound bombs. 25 years after the bombing has stopped they still pose a lethal threat to the population.

The film tracks members of ‘MAG’, Peter Newman, John Devine and their teams as they head eastwards to the Vietnam border.