Peter Rance

Lighting Cameraman

07973 159880

Ex UK +44 7973 159880


Bargain Hunt - the original daytime antiques show. Made a star out of David Dickinson and now Tim Wonnacott. I have been involved with this series from its start - programme 500 was recently produced.
Flog-It! Another series that I was involved in from Series 1, helping formulate the lighting and shooting set-ups, which have been used since.
Dickinson's Real Deal
- spotting the antiques theme here ?
Homes Under the Hammer - popular property show - lots of tricky lighting situations, and limited time to shoot !
and many many more....

Broadcast - Lifestyle

This form of programming is often produced with tight budgets, and consequently limited shooting time. Experience counts for a lot when shooting in these situations and I pride myself in producing good images and sequences in often less than ideal conditions.